Bulk Case Studies






  • 6400 TPH PRB Coal Conversion Handling System
  • System includes a new 6400 TPH Trestle Unloading and Storage System and modifications to existing conveyors to increase design capacity to 3200 TPH from a nominal 1500 TPH
  • The coal is discharged into any one of four new storage silos by a Radial Feed Conveyor
  • System also consist of two 60″ wide tripper conveyor belts to distribute coal into 26 different silo bunkers








sudy 3


    • 3500 TPH Coal, Limestone, and Sludge Handling Systems
    • Design, supply, installation and commissioning
    • System includes rotary car dumper, dust collection system, silo storage, and 13′ diameter tubular galleries for 72″ and 36″ dual conveyors.
    • 13,000 tons of steel for tubular galleries
    • Reclaim system rated at 750 TPH of coal








Kaiser Permanete


  • 1200 TPH – Limestone, Gypsum, Coal, Clinker, and Additives Handling System
  • BMWC provided design, fabrication and erection of belt conveyors and component equipment, including transfer houses, for a complete bulk materials handling system|
  • BMWC furnished 1,100 tons of fabricated steel, two motorized trippers, motorized swing conveyors, and one special swivel chute









Larfarge Sugar Creek, Missouri


  • 900,000 TPY Cement Handling System
  • Cement handling system included limestone, kaolin, sand, ash, coal, gypsum, iron ore, and clinker
  • BMWC provided the design and fabrication of two rotary plow feeders, one traveling tripper, a transfer tower, eleven belt conveyors ranging in width from 24″ to 60″, including one shuttle conveyor, three belt feeders, two apron feeders, and five weigh feeders











  • BMWC designed, fabricated, and supplied this limestone handling system which consist of unloading, storage, and reclaim systems
  • The unloading and storage system consist of one (1) 50 ton unloading hopper and a 1000 TPH feeder conveyor and take away conveyor.
  • The reclaim system includes two (2) reclaim hoppers with grizzlies located under the storage pile, and two (2) reclaim belt feeders, and two (2) belt conveyors rated at 130 TPH each










BMWC provided the design, supply, and installation of a complete gypsum handling system

  • 15,000 tons of gypsum stored in a 170 foot diameter concrete dome
  • Reclaim system includes BMWC traveling rotary plow feeder rated at 600 TPH
  • Barge load out and haul system also furnished















  • 1800 TPH Coal Handling System
  • Three single flight overland conveyors totaling over 6.2 miles from mine site to power plant. System includes three truck dump stations
  • Complete Turnkey Project, including all civil and electrical work was completed ahead of schedule











  • Trona, Soda Ash, and Coal Handling System
  • System includes 23 conveyor belts ranging in width from 30″ to 48″, including two shuttle conveyors
  • System upgrade includes pebble lime handling system utilizing tubular gallery conveyors










BMWC provided the design, supply, and installation of the entire Urea material handling system including storage and barge loadout system

  • Handling system consist of stackout and 500 TPH reclaim system to support barge loadout. Also provided two rail-loading shuttle conveyors
  • Radial barge loader includes extendable shuttle conveyor and telescopic chute
  • System includes overland conveyor from the storage facilities to barge loader









  • 700 MTPH Grain Handling Project
  • Grain Silo Complexes – 23,520 BPH
  • BMWC provided design, fabrication and technical services for the complete material handling system. Some of the equipment included conveyor belts, traveling chutes for ship unloaders, magnetic separators, and rack and pinion gates
  • The twin belt conveyors are located in a common gallery with “zipper” sealing arrangement. The belts receive grain from a traveling ship unloader at a rate of 700 MTPH each and carry the grain to storage bins.