Cement Plants



BMWC has supplied complete conveying systems for over 25 cement plants on a turnkey basis.  We specialize in the conveying systems to move fuel materials such as coal or petcoke into the plants from various unloading operations whether they are trucked to the plants or brought by barge or rail.  We design and build the storage and reclaim systems to hold this material and deliver it to the boilers and kilns.

The next significant material is limestone.  We build the conveyors to move limestone from the nearby quarry operations to the plant and crush the material before intermediate storage.  We have found many opportunities for moving the limestone from the quarry using overland and pipe conveyors.  We have designed many systems that utilize overhead tripping stacking of limestone and underground reclaiming of the limestone with rotary plow feeders.

Another large conveying need is to move additive materials into the plants and deposit them into storage silos.  This includes materials like sand, ash, kaolin, iron ore, bottom ash and clay.  These materials are sometimes loaded at remote locations onto barges and unloaded at the cement plant for movement by conveyor into storage.  We are currently involved in numerous projects to export fly ash to barges and importing additives from barge and truck haul into the plant.

We work with vendors and our own engineers in the design of various feeding systems including weigh belt feeders to precisely draw from storage the exact amount of additive material or fuel to feed the process in question.

There are currently many cement plant expansions in the US and we are busy adding to our repertoire.