Bulk Handling Division


BMWC is headquartered in Kansas City Area. BMWC specializes in designing complete material handling systems for heavy industrial markets where large volumes of raw materials need to be transported and processed whether it be for mining, fuel, and air quality compliance solutions (feed and removal), for power generation, loading and unloading of ships at port facilities, or the multitude of other needs.  In each industry our expertise is crucial in determining the optimal equipment to unload, transport, store, reclaim, process and export the raw and finished materials.  Our engineers are complimented by our partner companies and vendors that we design systems that function seamlessly as a single reliable machine when it is called upon because in these industries the materials movement systems have to work…all the time. From unloading a train with coal or reagents to loading a barge with finished cement, the customer is continually relying on BMWC conveying and storage systems to transport the materials without delay to the shippers and processes we serve.

We also design and manufacture rotary plow feeders, trippers, belt feeders. stackers/reclaimers,  storage facilities and other complementary products that can save the client time and money on reclaiming from large and multiple piles.

As part of the Bedeschi Group we offer ship loading and ship unloading systems.