Power Generation



New plants are being designed and built primarily utilizing coal as the energy source but also petroleum coke and biomass. Plants are being retrofitted to expand capacity or add scrubbing capacity. BMWC has vast experience in handling all raw and waste materials for this industry.We take the raw materials from unloading to stacking and eventual transfer to the plant.  BMWC also has the expertise to handle the resulting fly ash and bottom ash as well as the materials associated with FGD systems that are installed to “scrub” the pollutants from the flue gases.  These include systems to move limestone into the plants and synthetic gypsum out of the plants.Our capabilities are supplemented by Bedeschi Group for machines and storage systems to unload the coal and to stack and reclaim the raw materials in piles, domes or silos.  The bulk storage method and the method of reclaiming this material is often the most costly part of the material handling system.  We have supplied over 100 jobs with these types of heavy machines.  We evaluate each job to determine the precise type of machine and capacity to fit the application.

After the fuel is reclaimed a series of belt conveyors are used to transport the material for processing or crushing for size reduction and to the boiler house for firing. Automated traveling tripper cars are used to “trip” the fuel off the belt conveyor and into the boiler fuel feed system.

BMWC will integrate auxiliary equipment, such as dust collection systems, weighing systems, automatic sampling systems into the material handling project to produce a complete operating system for your company.  The integration of these ancillary pieces of equipment is a step sometimes missed by competitors.  This is our specialty to assure that our customers get a complete reliable system every time.  When you push the button you want it to work!

As trucking costs have increased we are seeing more opportunities for conveying materials like gypsum and ash to landfills for disposal.  The pipe conveyor and overland conveyors have opened up this market because it makes the transport to the landfills cost effective and environmentally suitable.  We are currently working on many such landfill conveying systems saving our clients money versus the less environmentally friendly option of trucking.