BMWC provides handling systems and machines to move a wide range of wood products. Current industry trends are to have logs from local “plantation” fields delivered by trucks to the paper mills. The truck are weighed or “scaled” for payment as they enter the woodyard. The trucks are off loaded by rubber tired mobile equipment, linear or circular rail mounted log cranes equipped with large grapple hooks. A large crane can off load a truck of longwood with “one bite” of the grapple. The logs are stacked in the yard or under the crane or are placed into the logline. The logline consist of an in-feed system, machines to “debark” the logs and a wood chipper that converts the logs into woodchips. The chips are sized for the type of chip digester used in the paper making process.

The chipper discharges onto a multi-strand chain conveyor which feeds onto a conventional type belt conveyor. Now the chips are conveyed to a storage/reclaim area to wait for processing.  BMWC has designed complex storage/reclaim systems utilizing automated machines to stock-out and reclaim the woodchips. We have provided linear portal reclaimers operating in conjunction with linear stackers and circular combination stacker/ reclaimer.  Storage/reclaim systems can be designed for your particular needs. Constraints such as real estate limits, topography, and digester feed rates  define what type of system can be considered. BMWC has the knowledge and experience to optimize a woodyard storage/reclaim system for the customer’s needs.

BMWC has worked with forest products customers to integrate specialty processing equipment into the material handling system. This includes chip thickness screening stations, ADS systems and re-chippers to produce a quality woodchip. We have provided “wrap around” engineering services for customers who want to buy their specialty processing equipment directly from the vendor.

On the wood waste from the debarking operation BMWC has developed complete automated systems to transport the waste to the mills boilers for fuel. These systems will convey and reduce the wood waste size or “hog” the fuel for the waste boilers. Automated storage/reclaim systems are provided to supply the boiler with continuous fuel feed.

In this industry the need for reliability assures us of a continuing need for our services.  The costs for downtime in this industry are enormous.