Rotary Plow Feeders

All Rotary Plow Feeders, traveling or fixed, are assembled and tested prior to being shipped to the Customer.

Some features include:

  • Provides the maximum live reclaim for volume stored
  • Reclaims more tons per horsepower than alternate methods
  • Requires less maintenance per ton than alternate methods
  • Can be used to blend difficult materials
  • Continuous reclaim slot prevents bridging or rat-holing of material and efficiently reclaims difficult-flowing materials
  • Design allows for loading at any point along the slot without need for continuous skirt boards or impact idlers usually required at each load point
  • Unit may be equipped with optional dust suppression or dust collection system
  • Controls available for completely automated operation
  • Fixed Rotary Plows under silos are available



8 Plow Feeders for Taiwan