Pipe Conveyors

The Pipe Conveyor is a type of belt conveyor that wraps into a tube shape and allows the pipe conveyor to negotiate vertical and horizontal curves without the need for transfer towers.  The conveyor also protects the material and the environment from spillage since the dirty side of the belt is always facing inside.

Pipe conveyors are also useful in moving dusty and free flowing materials where dust control is concerned.

The pipe conveyor can negotiate steep inclines up to 30 degrees and can carry different material in both directions simultaneously.  This is particularly applicable to a system that needs to move one material into the plant and another material from the plant, such as gypsum, fly ash and bottom ash, to the landfills.

Prior to Bedeschi Group acquiring Mid-West Conveyor Co, to form BMWC, Mid-West Conveyor had numerous pipe conveyor installations commissioned for Power Plants, Terminals and Landfill Systems.  One of the recent pipe conveyor projects commissioned covered two way conveying of 4000 TPH of Iron Oxide in one direction and 3000 TPH of DRI the other direction.

As part of the Bedeschi Group, the BMWC extends the pipe conveyor technology in participation with experience of engineers at Bedeschi Handling SPA in Genova, Italy.  Recent projects being furnished include a 700mm diameter pipe conveyor handling 3000 MTPH of coal for a power plant in the Dominican Republic.

BMWC is currently involved in a number of pipe conveyors in the 2 to 3 mile long length within the United States.

Capacities range from 50 TPH to 4000 TPH depending upon the material density.

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Waste Disposal Pipe Conveyor

Pipe Conveyor for 1500TPH of Coal

Limestone Pipe Conveyor

Pipe Conveyor During Construction

Grain Handling Pipe Conveyor

Grain Handling Pipe Conveyor